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Rilo Kiley - Dreamworld

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she was the girl with the string around her neck
hanging with the boy who could only give her less
it could be more if she learned to never expect
and now she's her and him and then a baby next
the wedding bells won't ring, but she could care less,
how you exist, when you're living in a dreamworld.

he grew up drinking milk from the cow, from the farm
and was the trade his father's father's father's father
made him go givin' back to his country
he gave his both knees he's overseas to fight the disease
that's spreading fast over maps and it don't look back,
when you're living in a dreamworld.

it is a lie in science fiction reads
just like a child with its zeroes, ones, and three times
the size of the people who came before
me and you and what we'd do for money
this greed and jealousy turn to need

see, i'm a man with a plan to use my hands
touching yours, you're the girl who wanted more
likely the story has faded from love to lie.
the clover under your feet is shooting stars in the night.
the people under your feet are shooting stars in the night.
the people, all that you meet, they're living in a dreamworld.