Twin Peaks is an American indie-rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 2010 and consists of Cadien Lake James (vocals, guitar), Clay Frankel (vocals, guitar), Jack Dolan (vocals, bass), Colin Croom (keys, vocals, guitar), and Connor Brodner (drums).
Cadien Lake James formed the band in 2010 with childhood friends Jack Dolan and Connor Brodner when they were still in high school. James and Dolan attended Jones College Prep, while Brodner attended Lane Tech High School with Frankel, who later joined the band. Before Frankel played with Twin Peaks, he was in a different group called Crash Hero;James said in an interview, “We ended up stealing him from his other band.”According to James, Twin Peaks is named after the restaurant chain of the same name.James’ older brother Hal was the drummer for fellow Chicago band Smith Westerns.

While in high school, James and Dolan were among a number of students who received ten-day suspensions for smoking marijuana; one of the other students was their friend Chance the Rapper, who later named his first mixtape 10 Day after the incident.

Twin Peaks arose out of Chicago’s DIY scene, attending and eventually playing house shows[jargon] throughout the city. Frankel lived in one of the better-known spaces called Animal Kingdom. James, Brodner, and Dolan started attending these shows when they were 15, getting to know the members of bands like White Mystery, the Yolks, and Magic Milk.

After graduating high school, all the band’s members save for Frankel attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, but later dropped out to pursue music. Soon enough the band started to outgrow the Chicago DIY scene. The band’s first recorded project, led to it being labeled the “next big thing” by NME.


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