Tiger Army is an American psychobilly band that was formed in 1995 in Berkeley, California.[1][2] Its constant member and lead songwriter is singer/guitarist Nick 13. The other band members are Geoff Kresge (upright bass and backing vocals) and James Meza (drums). The band have released four studio albums and one EP. Psychobilly is a fusion genre of rock music that mixes elements of punk rock, rockabilly, and other genres.

Tiger Army played their first show at the 924 Gilman Street venue in Berkeley, California, on March 29, 1996. The band went on to popularize the psychobilly genre in North America.[citation needed] The band’s sound draws from early punk, rock n’ roll and rockabilly, as well as dark English pop. Nick 13’s emphasis on melody and his lyrical inspirations from various types of literature have helped to distinguish them from some of the more “novelty” aspects the psychobilly genre sometimes embraces. The band’s first official release was a self-titled vinyl record EP, now referred to as the Temptation EP. The record was released by Chapter 11 Records. This EP caught the attention of Tim Armstrong, co-owner of Hellcat Records, who signed the band.

Tiger Army recorded their first full-length, the self-titled Tiger Army, in January 1999. It was released that October. Stand-up bassist Joel Day left Tiger Army before the band was signed, so the Quakes stand-up bassist Rob Peltier was hired to play on the album. Drummer Adam Carson of AFI (band), who had been helping out the band live, played on the record, as well. The band then embarked on a California mini-tour promoting the album in 1999. Then in 2000 Nick 13 asked former AFI (band) bassist Geoff Kresge, one of his former bandmates from Influence 13, to join Tiger Army. Ex-Samhain drummer London May came on board as well.


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