Three and a Quarter is a 3-piece, reggae-influenced rock band from Lisbon, Portugal. Formed in 1997, Three and a Quarter is known for their intensely visceral, at times chaotic live shows, which they have performed throughout Europe and the United States.

Three and a Quarter is composed of band members Alex Klimovitsky (vocals and guitar), Guillermo Landín (drums and bass), and Sebastiano Ferranti (bass and drums).

Following in the tracks of reggae-influenced rock groups such as The Clash, The Police or Bad Brains, Three and a Quarter delivers a highly contagious mix of dub/reggae dance grooves and noisy sonic grit without sounding derivative. Feeling equally at home with both experimental ambient dub and head banging rock, the band has opened for a variety of acts. Three and a Quarter has been playing the underground and alternative circuits of Portugal, Spain, France and the USA since 1997, when they released their first demo tape. They have performed alongside reggae artists such as Max Romeo or The Skatalites, and they have played a variety of venues from big-stage festivals to small sweaty basement bars.

Their debut album, Chubby Dubby, was written and recorded in New York City for Jahnotion Records, produced by Jason Corsaro, mastered by Howie Weinberg and features guest appearances by members of the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble and Rob Dinero. Tracks off the album have appeared in cinematic releases such as Step Into Liquid, in extreme sports TV shows broadcast across the Americas and Europe, and in extreme sports DVDs and punk/rock/reggae compilation CDs (see Discography).

As of 2006, Three and a Quarter are working on their second LP and a two-week tour in France.


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