Scars on Broadway is an Armenian-American rock band, founded by System of a Down member Daron Malakian.[2] The band’s eponymous debut album was released on July 29, 2008.

In late 2008, the band entered a hiatus, with Malakian citing a lack of enthusiasm and “his heart not being into touring”, as the primary reasons for the band’s cessation. In 2010, the band performed 2 shows in the LA area. In 2012, the band returned with a new lineup and announced the release of an EP and a new full length album. They are currently managed by David “Beno” Benveniste’s Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group.

In 2003, Daron Malakian (lead guitar and vocals), Greg Kelso (rhythm guitar), Shavo Odadjian (bass), Casey Chaos (vocals), and Zach Hill (drums) recorded a demo tape entitled “Ghetto Blaster Rehearsals” credited to the name Scars on Broadway. However, in 2007, an official letter appeared on the band’s website that stated that these tracks are not in any way affiliated with Malakian’s later project Scars on Broadway. Incidentally, these demo sessions produced “BYOB,” which would be a major hit for System of a Down in 2005.



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