LYRIC : 'Don't Go Crying to Your Mama'

Paramore - Paramore Album Cover Paramore

ARTIST : Paramore

SONG : Ain't it Fun

ALBUM : Paramore (Track #6)

'Don't Go Crying to Your Mama ' is the first line in an ab lib of the song 'Ain't it Fun' by the American rock band 'Paramore'.

'Ain't it Fun' was released February 4th, 2014 and is featured on the album
'Paramore' as Track #6


Lead vocalist Hayley Williams stated that the song 'Ain't it Fun' was about "accepting at some point in your life that the world is not your very own Truman Show. The people who walk passed you on the street aren't extras in your movie. This is the real world. This is where everyone's looking out for him or herself... and just trying to get through each day and say they did alright!".

Hayley also stated in an interview that the song was written as a song to herself and that the meaning behind including the lyrics 'Don't Go Crying to Your Mama' was that she "thought I was being a whiny baby about being away from my family. I needed to hear those words. No one else was saying that to me, so I had to say it to myself".

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