LYRIC : 'I'm Taking Back The Crown'

ARTIST : Panic! At the Disco

SONG : Emperor's New Clothes

ALBUM : Death of a Bachelor (Track #4)

'I'm Taking Back The Crown' is the first line in the chorus of the song 'Emperor's New Clothes' by the American Rock band 'Panic! At the Disco'.

'Emperor's New Clothes' was released October 21st, 2015, and is featured on the album
'Death of a Bachelor' as Track #4

The bands lead song writer Brendon Urie stated the meaning behind 'Emperor's New Clothes' was that he wanted a song that says "This is mine. I do what I do because I feel that it's my right. I own this, and I've earned it, and I deserve every bit that I put into this work".

He would go on to say "It's about my life as a producer, songwriter and as band leader. I'm taking back the crown".

Official Music Video :

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