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“Panic” is the debut single from Sublime with Rome’s debut studio album, Yours Truly. It was first premiered by the Los Angeles radio station KROQ on May 6, 2011.

Gaugh told that new material from Sublime with Rome was in the cards.The trio wrote three new songs when it first started playing together in February 2009, including one, “Panic”, that was performed at all three shows they had done so far. He explained, “We’re gonna continue working on material as we’re on the road. It’s not without question to have a studio in one of the buses while we’re on tour. We do a lot of our best creativity on stage, so we’ll be trying out new stuff for the fans, even before we go into the studio.”
During the summer 2010 tour, Sublime with Rome performed their first new song “Panic” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.It was also announced that Sublime with Rome officially signed to record label Fueled by Ramen and released their debut album Yours Truly on July 12, 2011.


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