LYRIC : 'Darkness Imprisoning Me'

Metallica - One Album Cover (Single) Metallica

ARTIST : Metallica

SONG : One

ALBUM : ...And Justice for All (Track #4)

'Darkness Imprisoning Me' is the fifth line in the third verse of the song 'One' by the American heavy metal band 'Metallica'.

'One' was released January 10th, 1989 and is featured on the album
'...And Justice for All' as Track #4


The song 'One' was inspired by the book and movie Johnny Got His Gun, the story of an American soldier fighting in World War I. It describes the internal hell the soldier endures after stepping on a landmine and is severely disfigured - unable to move, speak, or see - and yet remains conscious.

The lyrics 'Darkness Imprisoning Me' describes this vegetative state the soldier finds himself in, locked away in the prison of his own mind unable to communicate, helplessly and hopelessly wanting to die to end his suffering.

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