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Lit is an alternative rock band, formed in 1988 in Fullerton, California. They released several singles in the late 1990s and early 2000s including their hit “My Own Worst Enemy”, as well as less popular songs such as “Miserable”, “Zip-Lock”, “Over My Head”, “Lipstick and Bruises”, “Addicted”, “Looks Like They Were Right”, and “Times Like This”.[1]

In 1986, guitarist Jeremy Popoff and bassist Kevin Baldes met, and soon after, began playing music together. Later on, Baldes (16 at the time) and Popoff’s brother, A. Jay (14 at the time), formed the band Razzle in 1988 with Sean Holland. The lineup included Kevin Baldes (bass, lead vocals), Sean Holland (guitar), and A. Jay Popoff (drums). They performed their first show on June 26, 1988, at The Troubadour. In 1989, A. Jay switched from drums to lead vocals, and the band added guitarist Jeremy Popoff and drummer Allen Shellenberger. Things began to come together in 1990, when the group released a demo tape and an EP entitled New Vibe Revolution in 1993. Razzle dissolved in 1993 and became Stain in 1994, which had a much harder and heavier sound. They released a demo tape in 1995 and eventually signed with Malicious Vinyl in 1995. Due to another band owning the name using the D, they changed their name to Lit in 1996.


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