LYRIC : 'I Tried So Hard and Got So Far'

Linkin Park Hybrid Theory Album Cover Linkin Park

ARTIST : Linkin Park

SONG : In The End

ALBUM : Hybrid Theory (Track #8)

'I Tried So Hard and Got So Far' is the first line in the chorus of the song 'In The End' by the American Rock band 'Linkin Park'.

'In The End' was released October 9th, 2001, and is featured on the album
'Hybrid Theory' as Track #8

The song 'In The End' and the lyrics 'I Tried So Hard and Got So Far', sung by lead vocalist Chester Bennington, are in reference to the transient nature of time, investing a lot of time in a goal - or girl, only to see it unrealized and that time essentially wasted.

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