LYRIC : 'How Can You See Into My Eyes'

Evanescence - Fallen Album Cover Metallica

ARTIST : Evanescence

SONG : Bring Me To Life

ALBUM : Fallen (Track #2)

'How Can You See Into My Eyes' is the first verse in the song 'Bring Me To Life' by the American rock band 'Evanescence'.

'Bring Me To Life' was released April 22nd, 2003 and is featured on the album
'Fallen' as Track #2


Band co-founder and lead vocalist Amy Lee stated the song 'Bring Me to Life' and the lyrics 'How Can You See Into My Eyes' were inspired by a conversation she had with a stranger that could somehow "see inside" her world and that his words "woke her up inside".

Additionally, lead guitarist and song co-writer Ben Moody stated that the song 'Bring Me To Life' was about "discovering something or someone that awakens a feeling inside them that they've never had before. You discover there is a world that is bigger than just your safe bubble".

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