Army of Me is a band formed in Washington, D.C.

Vocalist and guitarist Vince Scheuerman grew up in a Gaithersburg, Maryland religious community. Feeling frustrated with mainstream culture, he turned to music as an outlet. Scheuerman and long-time friend John Hutchins, bass, joined a ska band, Sidewinders SC, but quit to start their own project. The pair formed Cactus Patch in 2001 with drummer Dennis Manuel.

Under the name Cactus Patch, they self-released 3 EPs on CD-Rs and one self-titled album. They changed their name to Army of Me not long after winning the WHFS Big Break contest which granted them an opening slot at the 2001 HFStival. The band’s reputation in the Washington, DC area grew through street team promotion, active touring and multiple years playing the street stage at the HFStival. Guitar player Brad Tursi joined the band in 2003, filling out the live sound.


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